Industry-specific solutions

Many of the same problems and challenges associated with processing paper forms affect governments, schools, businesses and agencies alike. However, each customer type has unique concerns that need to be addressed.


Provide enhanced services to citizens and improve their user experience. Achieve paperless transactions and reduce paper dependencies and waste. Ensure the necessary compliance such as UETA, E-Sign, FedRAMP with legally binding signatures and audit trails. Avoid lengthy or overly complicated software deployment projects. Recapture hours lost to paper processing for other initiatives.


Get multiple signatures from varying parties without forcing a disruption in work, school or other plans from the parties involved. Send access of the protected in-progress form document to additional parties to get all necessary signatures prior to submission. Faster processing means better planning and rendering of services or classes.


With your business, time is money. More time and energy needed to process forms can cost your business a lot of money and potentially create unhappy customers. The faster you can process payments the faster you have access to that working capital and the greater the user experience is for your customer. Less manual data entry by employees means recaptured worker hours and a more efficient workforce that gets distracted fewer times each day. A happy customer is a repeat customer.


Working as an intermediary between clients and other companies and individuals can create additional time delays when processing forms and applications. Any minute error often results in additional delays for applicants already dealing with long processing backlogs. Automatic error and completeness checks reduces unnecessary delays and allows services to be rendered faster improving the end user experience.

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Need to get your forms online but don't know where to start?

Let Viasoft help! We'll take your existing paper or PDF forms and convert them for you making a smarter version of the form available online for public access. PublicForms™ is your answer to eliminating ineciencies in processing, accepting, sorting, routing, taking payment and error checking those forms.