Electronic Signatures

Viasoft provides you with legally binding signatures that are not only court-admissible, but will hold up in court. To accomplish this we ensure signature authentication, support signature affixation from any device that support a mouse or stylus, protect against tampering throughout all steps of the form transaction and keep a record and log of the encrypted audit trail which can be produced at any time in the event it is needed. PublicForms signatures adhere to strict UETA and ESIGN compliancy guidelines.

Secure, legally-binding signatures

  PublicForms™ electronic signatures are captured and stored in a secure and tamper-free environment.

  Completed forms are stored with server level encryption and processed through a secure SSL connection.

  Users are authenticated with verified email addresses before signing a form

  A detailed Audit trail is associated with each signed form which includes a list of document activity, along with the signers IP address and other verified data.

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Need to get your forms online but don't know where to start?

Let Viasoft help! We'll take your existing paper or PDF forms and convert them for you making a smarter version of the form available online for public access. PublicForms™ is your answer to eliminating ineciencies in processing, accepting, sorting, routing, taking payment and error checking those forms.