Intelligently automate forms routing and data distribution

Set up and manage process routines faster and more efficiently with help from Notefeed's intelligent routing solutions.

Rule-based process automation by time of day, location, form type, etc.

Automate based on data detection within the submitted forms

Make different versions of the form (HTML, PDF, CSV, etc) available to different departments

Develop a forms routing strategy and realize a ROI from the very first day of your company's integration with Notefeed.

Improve efficiency in your day-to-day operations with bundled business tasks and separated routing of complex forms.

Eliminate the time it takes to switch from one type of business process to the other by automatically detecting form data and routing criteria-based forms to the correct personnel within your organization.

See how much you can save with automatic form routing

"We've been able to implement a much improved forms management process with Notefeed's fully-featured solutions."

"The option to customize Notefeed to meet our exact needs added an immense value to our organization..."

"After automating parts of our workflow with Notefeed, we've seen a staggering 22% increase in production."

"The perfect solution for companies and agencies using forms to gather information from clients"

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